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McAfee antivirus is software especially designed for removing malicious program and other viruses that attack computer and harm internal data. Using a virus protection software is must require nowadays for every computer and mobile operating users. McAfee plays a vital role in protecting your device against multiple threats. Therefore, without any confusion you can download and install this application for your PC. It has ability to find and detect all kinds of infections that also called virus and instantly take them out from your operating devices to make secure and safe. It is a high rated software application easily and effort-freely can be installed when you visit the site This domain is effectual for every single tech or non-tech person who wanders for taking assistance to download and install McAfee. By sitting at your home you can get the ideas about its downloading and know how the application program be used to protect the device.

What are the Services Proffered by McAfee Antivirus?

There are various fruitful services offered by and because of its top-notch quality of features, most of the people satisfied with using this antivirus program. Look-up at once on the below mentioned points which will inform you why mostly users are accessing this app:

Safety and Security

While at times come up when PC or laptop functioning very slowly. Whenever you click on particular file to open, it takes much time and even after giving couple of minutes file won’t open. This situation makes you so much infuriating. Even also, there are numbers of intruders looking for hacking someone’s profile or leaking personal information or data. In all such cases, McAfee antivirus undergoes a leading protection to all its users from attacking of all viruses and malware. It makes the devices highly secured against viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, adware, and ransomware.

Data Shredder

Sometimes we don’t delete our data permanently and hackers take its benefits for that. McAfee antivirus provides a data shredder which deletes the data permanently so that none intruders can even try to get the information accessible and can’t misuse the data. antivirus uses a premium technology which overwrites the content of any file with unsystematic data. If a hacker tries to get such file, he will not be able to read the actual or real content. In short he got failed and also his planned got unsuccessful.

Cloud Based Support

McAfee antivirus program is a cloud-based supporting service makes possibility for a user to manage providing facilities in all your devices from protected McAfee Antivirus Plus internet portal known as "management console". From this console, one may select and view the devices that are registered on Having amazing features offering the users to change and customize how the service works on your every device from one location. With such a service, one can add a new device and also can remove the devices which are no longer in use. You can also change the settings on a particular device like changing a frequency of virus scan on your device.

Can Installed On Multiple Devices

For availing McAfee protection software services, it is not required to having specific operating system as the application can be downloaded on multiple devices or you can say all electronic devices. With single account on McAfee antivirus, one can protect the multiple computer systems and other devices too. This means one subscription can safe your Desktop PC, laptop, tablets as well as your mobile device. Simply, with no effort you can protect your device.

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How to Download and Install McAfee Antivirus?

Obtain McAfee Product Via www

There is an online providing service for getting McAfee product on your PC. Have a look at below steps:

  1. First of all open your browser on computer and then enter the www onto the search bar
  2. Doing this, McAfee written webpage will be opened. From the home page, you need to click “McAfee My Account”
  3. Now, tap “Sign-in” button if you are already a member of McAfee else hit “sign-up” option if you want to become a member of McAfee product
  4. Choose the preferred product you would like to purchase for making the device safe and protective against virus attack
  5. Choose the years for subscription according to your need
  6. Click on “Submit” button, the page will redirect to “Payment” option
  7. Choose a convenient payment mode
  8. After done with the payment procedure, you are successfully purchased the McAfee product and also are eligible to download the program

Purchase the McAfee Product from Offline Service

There are retailers available in the market providing you a McAfee product. Have a glance to get to know how:

  1. First, visit the nearby available retailers’ shop and ask them about the requirement of having McAfee product
  2. Let the retailer knows about the configuration of your operating device for which you want to purchase for such antivirus program
  3. The retailer gives you a complete packet with having a licensed product key that helps you for activation in your operating machine
  4. Suggested to immediately contact the technical support team of the experts, if you confront any issue while purchasing McAfee product via online as well as offline mode

Procedures to Install McAfee Product via

Go through the below-provided steps from top-to-toe consciously if you really want to obtain McAfee product for your computer system. Glimpse your eyes here at once:

  1. For the very first time visit, you just require to “sign-in” with entering the desired login credentials if you are an existing user else hit “sign-up” option in the “McAfee My Account” page and fill the details
  2. Choose the device from the list for which you want to install the McAfee product
  3. From the list, select the McAfee product you have previously purchased
  4. Tap onto the downloading link, just below the wanted product. Wait for a while until the downloading process gets completed
  5. After downloading the product, go to the downloaded folder and type “McAfee activate” in the search box. Installation process will begin instantly by opening the downloaded file
  6. Read and accept all the terms and conditions apply for Click on the “Agree” button, to proceed next to the installation process. Hence, Installation completed!!

Activate your McAfee Antivirus via Product Key

Once you done with the processes of purchasing, downloading and installing any of the desired McAfee product for your preferable device, then the last and most importantly work would have to be activation. There is an activation code that you get on your email id or via text message when you purchased the antivirus program online but if you purchase the antivirus product through retailer, then check out the backside of your CD/DVD as the key mention there. The activation code contains the 25 –digit alphanumeric key, which you have received at the time of purchasing the product.

Where have to Enter the Product Key to Activate McAfee Application?

Until and unless you enter the 25-digit product key into the required place, your antivirus program will not be activated and also you can’t access its features and services. Therefore, follow the noted lines as it is to activate the program effortlessly:

  1. First go to your web browser and open the site product key
  2. Now, select the option “McAfee Activate” and choose your country
  3. From the menu list, look for the “Activate” button and once find give a click on it
  4. After that, type the McAfee activate product key into the desired location and hit “Activate” option

By successfully activating the product with its activation code, your device is now safe, secured and protected by McAfee product.

Get Help with McAfee Antivirus Support Team

If you are a person who unable to understand the above mentioned information regarding purchasing, downloading or installing the desired McAfee product, you can frequently get connected to the tech-support team via emails, provided toll-free numbers or text messages. Having own PC and have McAfee security installed on it, but unfortunately unable to activate the software, you need not be felt dishearten as we are a team of highly proficient and talented professional engineers available round the clock to assist. You can seek expert guidance to resolve the issue that encounter during installing or activating the product on your system. Get the instant top-class remedy within a short period of time!


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